Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cookies and Cakes!

I'm obsessed with baking.  Pretty much anything that can be homemade, I think I am capable of creating.  I think the problem is, that in my mind, I'm practically Martha Stewart.  Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that I'm more Stephanie than Martha.  I want the perfect product, but I don't have the time to create it.  When I do get started baking, watch out, it's an all day affair.  Since I can't bake every single day like I'd like to, I have found amazing blogs to help satisfy my baking need without having to bake daily.  Next weekend I'm hosting my sister's bridal shower at a local winery.  How cute are these cookies from Bake at 350?  I'll be making these next week to package and take to her shower as gifts for the attendees. 
Aren't they adorable?  If you haven't been to Bake at 350, you don't know what you're missing.  I'm a HUGE fan, in case you can't tell.

I'll make sure to post pictures, I can't wait!!!

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