Monday, March 8, 2010

Word to your Mother...

Another CRAZY weekend!  We were in Kansas City, MO for a cheer competition.  Coach Amber is hilarious and this weekend, she didn't disappoint.  While trying to keep our kids entertained (they had quite a while before it was their turn to compete) she taught them "word to your mother" (see above picture) and poker face.  LOL!  It's one of those things that you MUST see, because it's hilarious to see all of our darling little girls, acting like lunatics. 

Poker Face:

But on to the competition:

All of the Pride teams were fantastic!  Here are a few pictures, only one (maybe two) more competitions until the season is over and it's time to tryout for next season!  I can't believe it's gone by this fast!

My beautiful baby is the one in the middle with her leg up in the air.
I couldn't get any good pictures of Mackenzie, because she's a base.  It's harder to get shots of her when she's facing sideways holding another girl up, but I tried my best.  She's on the far right in both pictures. 

After they performed, they were promised snow cones...NEVER AGAIN.  LOL!  How on earth we managed to only get red on Maddie's shoes, I will never know.  They're currently pretreated.  Pray that they turn white after I wash them. 


  1. Awwwwwwwww... okay - those little girls are freaking cute!! I love the "word to your mother" business!! hahaha...
    Hope you're hanging in there my friend!! xo

  2. Thanks! I think they're cute too...but I may just be partial. LOL!

    I hope all's going well for you too!!!