Monday, March 1, 2010

Cake Baking & Rock Band

Cake baking and Rock Band have consumed our house.  Maddie and Doug LOVE Rock Band!  We didn't have anything planned this weekend (a rare occurrance in our household) and I think 50% of the time they were playing that game.  With arms full of groceries, I stood in front of our door knocking, and no one could hear me.  Why?  Because Doug was singing YMCA, while Maddie played the guitar.  It's not pretty, trust me.  He's certainly NO musician, and definitely not a singer. 

I made three cakes this weekend.  I have to master the art of making flowers!  Course 2 starts tomorrow night, and if I can't make a rose, how am I supposed to be able to make anything else?  After all, practice makes perfect, right?  Well I practiced...and practiced...and practiced.  The kids were thrilled, every time I messed up, they ate the mistake.  Haha!!!

I only took a picture of the first chocolate cake I made, the other one was similar, but without the dots on the sides of the cake.  After adding the dots, I decided I didn't like them.  LOL!  Both my dad and my father-in-law LOVE chocolate cake, so I made one for each of them. 

I also made a rainbow cake.  In my head, this was BRILLIANT.  The execution took a lot more than I thought it would though.  I pictured 6 layers, and figured I'd just cut them down to be the appropriate size.  The outside would have pretty flowers, and bright colors.  Well...I got the layers, but even after cutting them down, it was HUGE!  I had to make last minute adjustments to make it fit in my cake carrier.  Then, I didn't account for needing 4 batches of icing, so I had to make 3 batches work.  I now know what to do differently next time, but all in all, I'm still pretty happy with the results. 


  1. THAT is so COOL Steph! you're doing SO well with this whole cake class thing. i'm so impressed!! that rainbow cake is AWESOME!