Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Sleepy Monday!

There is just something about Daylight Savings Time that bugs me.  I don't mind "falling back" every fall, but something about the "spring forward" part annoys me!  It seems like it takes forever for me to catch back up.  I didn't go to bed until midnight, because I wasn't tired but at 4:30am this morning when my alarm was going off, I was CERTAINLY tired. It's going to take the entire week to adjust to the time change.  Ugh...

But enough complaining!  I had a wonderful weekend!  I baked cookies like a crazy person!  The first batch was okay, not exactly what I was hoping for...

See how the icing is running off the cookie?  That's NOT supposed to happen.  LOL!

And then there was my attempt at making an Easter shaped cookies...

Yeah, eggs are probably something that should be one color, maybe with a few dots?

The kids were VERY excited to show me how it's supposed to be done though.  I've said that I'm not good at writing on cookies and cakes, and they both had to make sure I saw that they can write letters (the M's on the cookies) and let me know that if I ever need help, they're available. 

The final batch of cookies turned out much better though.

Tonight is cake of my best friends has a birthday tomorrow!

I hope you're having a FANTASTIC Monday!!!


  1. i'm exhausted too. did the same thing you did last night. couldn't sleep and then my alarm goes off. CRAP!

    AH-MAZE-ING! did you make the cookies from scatch or was the dough store bought? and i HAVE to know the secret to the icing. i've got to make skull / rock star sugar cookies for Conner's b-day party and i want THAT kind of look to my icing.


  2. They were made from scratch! Aren't you proud? My kids were in shock! Apparently they were under the impression, Pillsbury was the only one that could make cookie dough.

    I'll email you about the cookies.