Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're having another BABY!!!

If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd be announcing my pregnancy to the world in February/March, I'd have thought you were crazy.  Mackenzie is 10 and Maddie is 7 and I genuinely thought that God meant for us to be a family of four forever.  We are so excited and although we hope the same thing all parents do, for a healthy, happy, baby, I can't help but hope for a son!  I love my daughters and if given another daughter, I would be just as happy as I was when I found out I was having my first two girls, but a son...a girl can dream, right?

I feel like maybe this pregnancy was meant to be.  With Mackenzie, I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant.  I had to hide it from everyone, including my parents until I was so far along and showing that I had to tell everyone.  I didn't get the typical "congrats" from friends and family because an unwed, teenage, mother isn't something people get excited about.  With Madison, I was 20, and although I was living on my own and raising Mackenzie on my own, I still couldn't get as excited about the pregnancy because I was still unwed and young.  My now husband, Doug, had been there since the day 1 and I knew he'd continue to be an amazing father, but our lack of engagement didn't exactly thrill people.  Was it too much to think that we would want to wait for marriage until we were 100% sure we were perfect for each other?  Apparently so, if you asked pretty much everyone around us at the time. 

Fast forward to now.  We're obviously married, and raising the best kids in the world.  Mackenzie is HILARIOUS.  I swear some day she's going to be a comedian.  Everywhere we go she's cracking jokes and is always the center of attention.  Madison is a star.  She excels at everything she attempts!  She's an amazing cheerleader/tumbler and at age 6, already had her backhandspring!  For those that have done backhandsprings, that's not a simple feat.  Not for Maddie, she wanted it and after a few weeks of coaching by the ever talented Coach David at Pride Cheerleading Gym, she got it!  Now she's 7 and working on her roundoff series with two backhandsprings! 

We have a very busy life, so obviously another baby wasn't in the plans.  BUT, we also have two of the best children to help us with the new baby.  I get to redo all of the things I wish I could have done differently with Mackenzie & Madison!  I get to be EXCITED about my pregnancy because now that we're married and older, everyone else is excited about our pregnancy!  I get to plan ahead!  Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a planner.  I plan our yearly Disney vacations at least 6 months out!  This doesn't mean I book the trip 6 months out.  This means I can tell you which park we're going to and what we're eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 180 days prior to our trip.  I even have a binder that I take with us that has daily schedules and tips for things that we must stop and do at each park.  Needless to say, I'm excited to plan ahead for the baby.  I've already started buying diapers!  One thing I wish I'd known back when I had the girls was to buy diapers NOW so I didn't have to buy them the first year.  There are SO many expenses to get used to, it only makes sense to stock up on something that will never go bad, and can always be returned to Wal-mart if you bought too many of the wrong size. 

I guess I've rambled on long enough, so I'll just wrap it up by answering the questions that I saw on another blog with a pregnant mother.  I thought it would be fun to do this every week so I have a pregnancy diary to look back on later. 

How Far Along:  8 Weeks
Total Weight Loss/Gain:  None yet, I'll know when I have my next appointment.
Maternity Clothes:  I don't need any yet, but I just ordered a Bella Band and 4 new shirts!
Stretch Marks:  No new ones, only the crappy ones from my last two pregnancies.
Sleep:  What sleep?  I'm up all night peeing!
Best Moments of the Week:  My morning sickness appears to have worn off, I'm now able to eat again!
Belly Button:  Still in, and chances are it will remain that way since it did with both of my other pregnancies.
Craving:  Caffeine!  I just want a dang Diet Dr. Pepper!!!
What I Am Looking Forward to:  My ultrasound next Thursday!  I went last Thursday and they thought that perhaps I wasn't as far along as I calculated based on my LMP, so I have to go back in next Thursday to hopefully see a lot more progress.

That's it for now!  Sorry this was such a long post, but I can't help it, I'm SO EXCITED!!!


P.S.  Here's a cute picture of my girls taken right before a cheer competition in December.

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