Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally, my 2nd Ultrasound Appointment has Arrived!!!

It has been a grueling two weeks!  I've been so nervous to find out what's going on with little Baby Rea, that I've been stressing over it constantly.  I've turned into what I never imagined I'd become, a crazy pregnant woman.  Last Friday they were FINALLY able to get all of my blood work completed.  I have unusually small veins, which lead to 5 visits to different labs in hopes of finding one person that could get blood out of me.  After 4 labs had stuck me 15 times, I finally found a miracle woman named Kelly that stuck me once and got all of the blood she needed.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, my blood tests weren't 100% fantastic.  I have low progesterone, which can lead to miscarriages!  The LPN at the doctor's office told me not to worry, because my hCG levels were high, and prescribed a progesterone supplement.  I've been taking it religiously with hopes that my little bean can stay in my uterus until the 40 weeks is up. 

Then, last night, I started spotting!  Anyone that has been pregnant knows, spotting is scary.  It's unexpected, and while the doctor's office said I should be fine and to just be on pelvic rest for a little while, I'm panicked!  The good news is, today is my 2nd ultrasound appointment anyway, so they'll be able to confirm everything is still going well with the bambino. 

Praying for good news at 11:30 today!!!  Here's my pregnancy update:

How Far Along: 9 Weeks

Total Weight Loss/Gain: None yet, I'll know when I have my next appointment.

Maternity Clothes: I finally got my Bella Band and new maternity shirts in!  They're fantastic!  They don't look like maternity clothes, so they're perfect for wearing now because they don't fit as tight around my stomach and hide the fact that I'm constantly bloated now!  The Bella Band is a lifesaver!  You know how sometimes you're so bloated that you want to unbutton your jeans?  That's where the Bella Band comes in!  It hides the button and smoothes everything out so no one will know, and it helps hold your jeans up!  I think I should have ordered 10 of them.  One in every color!

Stretch Marks: No new ones, only the crappy ones from my last two pregnancies.

Sleep: I've been sleeping like a baby!  Other than the horrific nightmares I'm having about miscarriage!

Best Moments of the Week: When the lab tech looked at me and said "we've found a good vein!"  I almost hugged her!
Belly Button: Still in, and chances are it will remain that way since it did with both of my other pregnancies.

Craving: Caffeine! I fell off the wagon and have decided that one Diet Dr. Pepper a day isn't going to hurt anything.  I even asked the doctor's office and they said it's FINE!

What I Am Looking Forward to: My ultrasound.  I just want some type of confirmation that everything is okay so I can stop feeling like a lunatic!
Okay, that's all for now!  I'll take a picture of the ultrasound photo and post it later!
Steph (aka the Pregnant Lunatic)

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