Friday, September 9, 2011

Yay! Time for another baby!!!

I suppose now that I've managed to make it past the half way mark in my pregnancy, it's time to blog about it.  I've been a nervous nut, afraid to be too excited, but secretly praying I'd somehow get over the half way mark time time around.  Well, as of two weeks ago, I made it!  I'm on week 22 and LOVING LIFE.  The little one in my uterus is kicking like crazy, and I think it's because she has to know how nervous I am that she won't make it.  YES...I said SHE.  We found out at 16 weeks and then confirmed last week that we're having another girl!  How cute is this ultrasound pic?

Or this one?

Yes, that's a smile.  My little angel is obviously happy to be in there...and she lets me know...ALL DAY LONG. 

I was afraid my girls wouldn't be too excited about a girl, but it turns out, they are!  We went to Babies R Us and they were like maniacs!  They were throwing close into the cart faster than I could pull them out and we left with $200 worth of baby stuff.  In only a few short months we'll be welcoming our little angel into our home.  I can't wait!


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