Friday, February 5, 2010

Let It Snow!!!

It's snowing in southern Illinois, and I'm loving it!  It's so beautiful out (no, the picture is not accurate, just something I found online) and I'm hoping we get a few inches.  What I could do without, is the ice that is coming along with the snow.  It's like a giant slip and slide outside!!! 

Let's also add to the fun the fact that earlier this week Maddie had the flu, and now Doug has it!  For those who haven't had the luxury of being around my husband when he's sick, let me fill you in.  He's a BIG BABY!  He called me today to let me know he was sick and wanted to see if I'd come home to take care of him.  What are you, 5?  It's not like I'm going to hold your hand while your head is hovering over the toilet.  Why on earth would I want to be around you?  I know it sounds like I'm being insensitive, and that's because I am.  When I'm sick, he's not sympathetic...and therefore, he doesn't get sympathy from me.  Is that wrong?  I'll be making him soup, just like always, and I'll keep the kids away so he can recoup in peace and quiet, but otherwise...what else am I supposed to do?  He wanted a hug!  He wanted me to tuck him in bed!  Good grief!!!

I suppose I should discuss a brighter subject, since I don't want to end my week of blogging on a negative note. 

Plans for the weekend!  That's a good topic!  Tonight is going to be fun, it's just me and little mini-chef.  Since my father-in-law worked on my car earlier this week (I needed a new thermostat, or something like that) we're going to make him chocolate cupcakes.  He's a lover of all things chocolate, so this will be a perfect THANK YOU for him.  Tomorrow is the elementry school's trivia night.  I'll be volunteering all night in an effort to raise money for this year's field day (which I'm planning, wish me luck).  We need it too!  I've got lots of ideas, and they're all expensive!  Who knew inflatibles were so expensive?  Sunday is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!  I'll be baking up a storm and hopefully watching the Saints win!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

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