Monday, February 22, 2010

American Girl Store & Super Nationals

I've been on a mini-blog-hiatus due to craziness in my household.  We had a cheer competition in Chicago last weekend and ever since have had a cold/flu virus floating around in our house. 

Thank goodness it's over!

Waiting for the bus to pick us up at the hotel. 

Chicago was fun though!  We got to visit the American Girl store for the first time, and if you haven't been, it's a MUST see for any little girl.  My girls were in love, it took everything we had to pull them out of there. 

Don't ask me why Maddie has that disgusted look on her face.  I think she was just sick of pictures at that point.  The extra little girl is my friend's daughter who went with us for the weekend.

As soon as I realized we'd have time to visit the AG store, I planned a lunch at the AG Cafe.  The website looked adorable and I couldn't imagine anything cuter than having a lunch with the dolls and kids, and after going, there isn't anything cuter. 

The competition at Super Nationals was fierce!  The kids did great though, and it definitely helped motivate them to try harder and learn more stunts.  They got 3rd place, and although they are used to getting 1st, I don't think it discouraged them.  I think it may have been exactly what they needed to help push them to stay focused and try harder.  Or at least, that's what Mackenzie told me. 

Less than 2 weeks until the next competition, this time in Kansas City.  Then, right after Easter, we're heading to Destin, FL!  Should be fun!!!  It's the kids' first time to the beach!  Unless you count the mini-beach at Caribbean Beach resort in Disney World (which I don't).  They did look super cute though...

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