Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mackenzie's 8! Can you believe it?

My baby turned 8 years old last Thursday. It's hard to believe she's gotten so big, so fast! We had a small party for her Thursday night after her drama club performance and then another party Friday night for friends and family.

I made pink cupcakes with pink icing and got to display them on my brand new cupcake stand. They turned out cute, but Maddie told me she'd rather have a cake purchased for her birthday than have me make them. Isn't she sweet? LOL!

Saturday we took Mackenzie, Madison, and two of Mackenzie's friends to get their nails done and out to lunch. Afterwards, everyone spent the night at our house. The girls had fun, and loved being treated like grown-ups at the nail salon.
This weekend is Maddie's birthday party, and I think we're going to the pizza place. It should be fun and I know Maddie's dying to challenge us to DDR.

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