Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Baby is 5!!!

It doesn't seem possible but Madison turns 5 today. As most know, I'm slightly crazy when it comes to my girls, and today is another hard day for me. I can't believe that she's already that old. She starts Kindergarten in 7 months, and is very, very excited.

We celebrated her birthday with family on Sunday at Gateway Fun Park. Little did we know, we have a Deal or No Deal rockstar on our hands! She won the "million dollars (200 tickets)" three seperate times. I attempted to play, and won a mere 40 tickets. At the end of the party, we pooled the tickets together and she got to spend roughly 1900 tickets. After quite a while trying to figure out what to get, she settled on a few stuffed animals and lots of candy.

She got her DS! Even though she figured out a way to get the information out of her sister, she was very excited to get it. She hasn't put it down since. Luckily, between herself and Mackenzie, they have plenty of games to keep them occupied.

She's growing up fast, but I couldn't be any prouder of her. She's a smart cookie, and doesn't hesitate to put you in your place if need be.

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