Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting, Hoping, Praying...

The title of my post pretty much sums it up.  It's a day of waiting, hoping, and praying.  My dad went into surgery shortly before noon today, and now 5 and a half hours later, we're still waiting for him to come out.  They're anticipating another 2-3 hours, but so far, it sounds promising.  We need this surgery to work.  I need my dad to be cancer free, and live many more years.  It's not a matter of want, it's what we need. 

So please keep us in your prayers.  It's going to be a long road to recovery for him.  The surgeon told us that he's going to spend the next few days in ICU, and then another week in the hospital recovering.  The next few months will be hard on him, as he won't be able to eat anything, and will have to rely on a feeding tube.  But at least he'll be alive, and that's all we can hope for right now. 

Hope all is well in your world!

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