Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This weekend was awesome! We had a two day cheerleading competition and two of the three teams competing from our gym won 1st Place! Mackenzie's team name is Priceless and they did a fantastic job. They got 1st Place medals (even though they were the only Level 1 Youth team competing that day) and you would have thought they won the Olympics. I absolutely love seeing the girls out there competing and showing everyone how awesome they are. I couldn't be a prouder parent.
Maddie didn't compete this weekend. A normal five year old would have been dreaded sitting thru hour upon hour of watching other teams compete. Madison is not your typical five year old though. She is obsessed with cheerleading. She sat completely still (with the exception of the times she was cheering the teams on and yelling 'Go Pride') and watched every single team compete. She was perfect the entire time and kept being passed around from coach to coach and cheerleader to cheerleader. It's like she's the Pride mascot. They love stunting her because she's so little and she loves the attention.

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